Meike Nikon F Mount Lens To Fuji X-Mount Camera Adapter

June 23, 2017/by The NPS

Print Futures Awards open for entries

If you are training to be a photographer or working as a commercial…
March 14, 2017/by The NPS

Affinity launches free trials for Windows users

February 9, 2017/by The NPS

Maddy Rogers – In Focus

January 29, 2017/by The NPS

Pentax Launch KP DSLR With High ISO Up To 819200!

January 27, 2017/by The NPS

Sony introduces 50mm f/2.8 macro lens

September 2, 2016/by The NPS

Leica adds 60mm f/2.8 to T lens range

September 2, 2016/by The NPS

Canon releases the EOS 5D Mark IV

August 25, 2016/by The NPS

Fujifilm announces the XF23mmF2 R WR

August 25, 2016/by The NPS

Nikon introduces the D3400

August 17, 2016/by The NPS

Nikon adds two lenses to its DX range

August 17, 2016/by The NPS

Nikon adds 105mm to its f/1.4 prime range

July 27, 2016/by The NPS

Leica releases firmware update 2.0 for the Leica Q

July 26, 2016/by The NPS

July launch date for new Pentax K-70 ‘all-weather’ DSLR

July 8, 2016/by The NPS

Fujifilm overhauls autofocus and EVF to reveal X-T2

July 7, 2016/by The NPS

Fuji reveals delayed EF-X500 flashgun and new lens roadmap

July 7, 2016/by The NPS

Hasselblad reveals X1D mirrorless medium format camera

June 22, 2016/by The NPS

Newborn Photography Training Offer For Members And Non-Members

March 1, 2016/by The NPS

Aesthetics and photography Part 1 : How to establish a personal photographic style by Alain Briot

February 22, 2016/by The NPS

Sony a6300 Boasts the World’s Fastest AF and Highest Number of AF Points

February 3, 2016/by The NPS

The NPS Working With The Newborn Workshops To Further Newborn Professionalism

January 30, 2016/by The NPS

The NewBorn Workshops

January 29, 2016/by The NPS

Our Black Friday Sale Has Started!!!!

November 26, 2015/by The NPS

Black Friday 50% Off Membership

November 26, 2015/by The NPS

Reuters Issues a Worldwide Ban on RAW Photos

Reuters has implemented a new worldwide policy for freelance…
November 19, 2015/by The NPS

An extra prize in our competition this month

November 11, 2015/by The NPS

October 2015 Competition Results Are Announced

The competition results have been announced and there are some…
November 10, 2015/by The NPS
The Print Foundry

The Print Foundry

October 28, 2015/by The NPS

Not long now

October 22, 2015/by The NPS

Black & White Basement – In Focus

October 20, 2015/by The NPS

September 2015 Image Competition results announced.

The September 2015 Image Competition results have been announced,…
October 12, 2015/by The NPS

Kamal Mostofi – In Focus

October 6, 2015/by The NPS

Transcend’s newest SD cards can handle more harsh environments than you

The Transcend UHS-II U3 memory card lineup is built from the…
October 6, 2015/by The NPS

Adobe’s Free Color App Allows you to Sample The World’s Colors with Your Mobile Device

We here at Fstoppers can forgive our beloved Trevor Dayley for jumping ship…
October 5, 2015/by The NPS

DxO One goes on sale in Europe

The DxO One, which was previously launched in the US, is now…
October 4, 2015/by The NPS

Olympus Japan says sales of OM-D E-M10 Mark II will start back up in November

Today, #Olympus Japan announced sales of OM-D E-M10 Mark II…
October 4, 2015/by The NPS

Only two days left…

September 28, 2015/by The NPS

World’s ‘lightest’ f/0.95 lens for micro four thirds cameras unveiled

Shenyang China, Sept 17, 2015 – Zhongyi Optics (ZY Optics)…
September 20, 2015/by The NPS

Thoughts on Canon’s 120MP DSLR: A Pixel Too Far?

The question I asked myself when reading the press release…
September 20, 2015/by The NPS

Firmware Friday: Update news aplenty from Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Ricoh and Sony

In a typical week, that would be plenty enough for our Firmware…
September 19, 2015/by The NPS

The Pentax Full Frame Camera Is Finally on Its Way

Nonetheless, this is exciting news. The 645z uses the same 51…
September 19, 2015/by The NPS

Canon Releases Footage To Show Its New Camera Shooting At 4,560,000 ISO | Fstoppers

It is quite incredible what this #camera can achieve. Although…
September 19, 2015/by The NPS

Hähnel Tuff TTL flash trigger review – Amateur Photographer

When the shutter is pressed, the transmitter sends an ISM 2.4GHz…
September 18, 2015/by The NPS

This is ISO 4,560,000 with Canon’s Crazy New Camera

As you can see in the video above, the #camera is able to “see”…
September 17, 2015/by The NPS

Ilford Photo ‘totally committed’ to film photography after investment firm buyout – Amateur Photographer

Mark Anslow, CEO of Pemberstone Ventures said:  ‘We are…
September 16, 2015/by The NPS

Canon’s 120MP DSLR RAW Files are 210MB Each

You’ll need a huge amount of storage space because the RAW…
September 15, 2015/by The NPS

Epson Announces Its New SureColor P-Series Line of Large Format Printers

In terms of media, the printers let you use most media types…
September 15, 2015/by The NPS

August Image Competition Results Announced

The results of The NPS Monthly Image Competition have been…
September 10, 2015/by The NPS

John Wilhelm – In Focus

September 7, 2015/by The NPS

Remember My Baby – In Focus

August 18, 2015/by The NPS