Bowens Launch Five New Flash Heads

Bowens has launched an exclusive five-strong ‘competitively priced’ range of flash heads for its popular Creo Generator system.

The new range is engineered to be compatible with both high-spec Creo 1200 and Creo 2400 professional power packs.

The special effect flash heads include two new long penlights; two new long strip lights and a 250mm diameter Fresnel spot light.

Robert Cook, Bowens marketing director said: “These innovative, precision-engineered and high-spec accessories offer supreme quality and will provide fashion and commercial photographers – and even automotive photographers – with a wide range of creative lighting opportunities using our Creo high performance power packs. And as always, we’ve ensured they remain commonsense purchase propositions in terms of price.”

Top fashion and portrait photographer Wayne Johns added: “I recently did some test shots with some of these new heads. I particularly loved the new 69cm long strip light – the light it produced was both beautiful and controllable. I used it as an easily adjustable light-shaping tool.”

He added; “The new Fresnel is a terrific piece kit to work with and provides a superb spread of light. I was able to focus the beam and turn it into a very hard spot or a more diffused wide spread of circled light. It proved to be very crisp, even and punchy all at the same time.”

The new flash head additions:

Light Sticks: (20cm and 30cm penlights from £900, excl tax) Used by photographers to create unique lighting effects or striking highlights in portraits, or to light inside a subject: e.g. a car or architectural feature.

Slim Lights: (69cm and 130 cm long strip lights from £1,749.00 excl tax) Often used by fashion shooters with optional Barn-Doors to create even highlights with sharp cut-offs, or used individually as long and highly controllable rim lights.

Creo FS250 Fresnel: (250 mm: £2,879.00 excl tax) Classic Hollywood-style lighting option using 21st century technology.

For more information, take a look at the Bowens website.