Fujifilm has announced the new XF 200mm f/2 R LM OIS WR telephoto lens, equivalent to 305mm in 35mm terms, and the XF 1.4x TC F2 WR teleconverter, which is included with the lens. When used with the 200mm lens, it gives the focal length equivalent to 427mm in 35mm terms. The Fujifilm XF 200mm f/2 R LM OIS WR lens with teleconverter will be available from late October, priced at £5399.

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From Fujifilm: Announcing the New FUJINON XF200mmF2 R LM OIS WR Telephoto Lens and FUJINON XF1.4X TC F2 WR Teleconverter Kit. First super-fast F2 telephoto lens for the mirrorless X Series system boasts ultra-high image quality and pairs perfectly with new XF teleconverter

FUJIFILM Corporation (President: Kenji Sukeno) has announced that it will release the super-fast FUJINON XF200mmF2 R LM OIS WR telephoto lens and FUJINON XF1.4X TC F2 WR teleconverter kit in late October 2018. The XF200mmF2 R LM OIS WR is the first super-fast telephoto lens in the XF lens lineup, offering a fast maximum f-stop of 2.0 and a focal length equivalent to 305mm in 35mm film format. Taking advantage of technologies synonymous with FUJINON lenses, this new telephoto lens boasts exceptional image clarity with the ability to produce beautiful bokeh, making it the perfect choice for shooting sports and wildlife.

The XF200mmF2 R LM OIS WR lens will be available as a kit, paired with the high performance FUJINON XF1.4X F2 TC WR teleconverter, which extends the focal length of the lens by 1.4 times. The teleconverter allows the lens to cover a focal length equivalent to 427mm at F2.8.

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The FUJINON XF200mmF2 R LM OIS WR is a fast telephoto lens which is able to utilize the full capability of FUJIFILM’s X-TransTM CMOS sensor to achieve edge-to-edge sharpness even when the aperture is wide open. It faithfully captures the atmosphere of each scene, thanks to its outstanding performance and ability to produce beautiful bokeh. Furthermore, the lens features a new Focus Preset function, allowing photographers to quickly change the focus to a preset position to capture subjects with ease. The lens barrel is made of magnesium alloy which makes it both lightweight yet very durable. The lens is also resistant to dust, moisture and low temperatures down to -10 degrees Celsius, making it ideal for use by professional photographers in challenging conditions.


The XF1.4X TC F2 WR is a high-performance teleconverter that is fitted between a camera and a lens to extend the lens’ focal length by 1.4 times. When combined with the XF200mmF2 R LM OIS WR, the teleconverter provides the focal length equivalent to 427mm in the 35mm film format. It is designed to minimize any aberrations to ensure high image quality even when the maximum aperture of F2 is used.

Expanding the total current lens lineup of the X Series system to 31 lenses, including the simultaneously released XF8-16mmF2.8 R LM WR, FUJINON XF lenses cover an impressive array of focal lengths, enabling shooting opportunities from far away to close-up.

Main Features

(1) Offering outstanding performance and beautiful bokeh
The lens is made of 19 elements in 14 groups, including one large-diameter super ED lens element and two large-diameter ED lens elements to minimize chromatic aberration. High-precision polishing technology, developed for broadcast lenses, has been used to prepare the large-diameter lens elements to achieve outstanding image-resolving performance and creamy bokeh. This element is produced with an accuracy of less than 0.1μm. High-speed AF is made possible thanks to the lightweight focus lens group and the use of linear motors.

(2) Powerful image stabilization performance
The lens offers 5.0-stop image stabilization performance in accordance with CIPA. The lens recognizes shooting conditions, e.g. panning or on tripod, and automatically applies optimum image stabilization control.

(3) Easy AF operation
Focus Preset Function*1 instantaneously changes the focus to a preset position to capture your main subject with ease without having to make focal readjustments.
Focus Range Selector switch limits the shooting distance range for autofocusing. Activating this function narrows down the range of shooting distance and delivers high-speed AF when shooting a subject at the distance of 5 meters or greater.
The Focus Control button*1 is positioned at the tip of the lens barrel. Use the Focus Select switch to assign a function of your choice, such as Focus Preset, AF-ON and Focus Lock.
*1 The camera body’s firmware must be updated to activate the Focus Preset function and Focus Control button. Updated firmware is due to be released at the same time as the lens.

(4) Fast, silent, and highly accurate autofocus
The lens uses linear motors to achieve fast, silent, and high-precision AF performance.

There is also a new mechanism that fixes the focus motor group when the camera is not in use, which reduces any vibrations that may occur from the linear motors’ magnets being disengaged.

(5) Advanced durability able to withstand various shooting conditions
The lens is lightweight yet robust, thanks to its magnesium alloy construction. The barrel is sealed at 17 places to make the lens resistant to dust, moisture, and low temperatures down to -10 degrees Celsius. The front lens element is coated with fluorine to repel water and dirt, adding extra durability so that the lens can be used outdoors with peace of mind. The matte silver color reduces the risk of the lens overheating under intense summer temperatures. The paintwork is designed to diffuse light which prevents the lens from generating strong light reflections.

(6) Arca-Swiss compatible tripod mount
The tripod mount features an Arca-Swiss compatible dovetail groove and also supports both ¼-inch and 3/8-inch tripod screws.

(7) Packaged with the high-performance XF1.4X TC F2 WR teleconverter
This high-performance teleconverter extends the focal length by 1.4 times while controlling aberrations when used wide open at an aperture of F2.0. When combined with the XF200mmF2 R LM OIS WR, the teleconverter provides the focal length equivalent to 427mm in the 35mm film format.

(8) Accessories
Also simultaneously released will be the PRF-105 protective filter and the FLCP-105 front lens cap.