Hasselblad Launch Phocus 2.8 RAW Image Processing Solution

Hasselblad has launched Phocus 2.8, a RAW image processing solution that makes large files simple to handle.

Phocus 2.8 provides uncompromising image quality, allowing you to work quickly, efficiently, and creatively with the world’s most advanced image files.

New features in Phocus 2.8:

Capture Sequencer – This new tool allows you to easily execute various kinds of capture automation directly from Phocus. Typical usage includes bracketing, self timer and interval capture. The tool is also very flexible and allows for combinations of initial delay, repeated captures and aperture or shutter variations.

Landscape Compare Mode – In addition to the existing side-by-side comparison, you can now switch to a mode that works better for images in landscape format.

Hasselblad L* Working Space – The Reproduction tool will now let you select a new Hasselblad L* working space as an alternative to Hasselblad RGB. It is especially suited to reproduction work where the L* gradation is commonly used but will also function as an all-purpose photographic working space which is specially tuned to Hasselblad cameras.

Eizo Monitor Support – For the self-calibrating Eizo monitors Phocus will offer you the opportunity of setting up and executing display calibration using parameters that are optimal for viewing images in Phocus.

For more information, take a look at Hasselblad’s Phocus page.