There are three levels of membership with The NPS, Standard membership, Master Photographer and enthusiast/oap/overseas.

Each level gives a varying number of benefits :-

Enthusiast level
This is a concessionary discount for students in full time education, enthusiasts or those from overseas.  Members at this level will not appear in the directory, get a free website or have access to the discounts from suppliers.  It is otherwise no different from standard membership.

Standard membership
This membership is the standard full membership of The NPS.  Members at this level will enjoy all the benefits of membership and can enter our qualifications system.

Master Photographer 
This membership is only available to photographers who can supply us with current insurance details and are professional photographers who earn income from photography.  Members joining at this level must attain Licentiate level as a minimum within 3 months of joining.  Members will have Master Photographer displayed against their listing in our directory and will appear before regular listings.

Now that The NPS has spread to a number of countries around the world we ask that you visit our website at and view the prices relevant to your country.

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