Lastolite Launch New Light Kit

Lastolite has introduced a compact and simple to use creative light modifying system for battery operated flash guns.

The Strobo Kits are available in various kit configurations using two different flash gun attachment methods, one which fits directly onto a flashgun and the other which utilises the Ezybox Hotshoe Plate.

Each version incorporates magnetic connection points which allow a range of accessories to snap into place in front of the flashgun. The range of modifiers include honeycombs, gels, gobos, a snoot and barn doors. The modifiers can be used individually or in combination with each other.

The range of Strobo accessories includes the below:

  • Strobo Kit with Ezybox HotShoe Plate -£107.95
  • Strobo Kit Direct to Flashgun – £92.95
  • Strobo Barn Door Accessory Kit for Ezybox Hot Shoe Plate – £45.95
  • Strobo Start Accessory Kit for Ezybox Hot Shoe Plate – £56.95
  • Strobo Collapsible Snoot -£24.95
  • Strobo Gel Start Kit – £35.95
  • Strobo Honeycomb Starter Kit – £30.95
  • Strobo Ezybox HotShoe Plate Adaptor  – £24.95
  • Strobo Gobo – £76.95
  • Gobo Set Architectural/Nature Set – £36.95
  • Strobo Direct to Flashgun Bracket – £24.95
  • Barn Doors for Strobo – £24.95
  • Beautybox Softbox – £102.95
  • Honeycomb Set 9mm and 6mm – £37.95
  • Gel Set – £14.95
  • Gel Holder Set (x2) – £30.95

For more information on the Strobo kits and range of accessories, visit the Lastolite website.