Lastolite Magnetic Background Support

Lastolite has announced the release of the magnetic background support.

The unique Magnetic Background Support is designed to provide photographers with a convenient and portable solution. Reliable magnetic connectors provide an instant connection; they grip the background in two positions thereby eliminating yaw and increasing stability.

This easy operation further aids photographers to quickly switch between backgrounds at a comfortable working height. Furthermore, the Magnetic Background Support is compatible with any traditional lighting stand with a 5/8 spigot connector.

Speed, security and sturdiness are key features of the Magnetic Background Support, making it the ultimate solution for busy photographers and videographers.

Key Features:

  • Easily attach any collapsible background with a steel rim to a traditional lighting stand
  • Compatible with any traditional lighting stand with a 5/8 spigot connector
  • Reliable magnetic connectors

The new Magnetic Background Support is available individually for £60, or as part of a kit which includes a lighting stand and carry case for £108.

For more information, take a look at the Lastolite website.