Lensbaby have announced 2 new manual focus tilt-shift lenses with the tagline ‘Tilt. Focus. Shoot.’

The new lenses are 45mm and 22mm optics. The Sol 22mm is for Micro Four Thirds cameras while the 45mm is available in Canon, Nikon, Fujifilm, Sony and Pentax mounts.

Both lenses allow you to create a ‘sweet spot’ on your subject, be it macro, an element in the landscape or a portrait and blur out your surroundings to create a unique image. They also feature bokeh blades, which are hinged and can be moved in front of the lens to add subtle lines and texture to the bokeh, ensuring no 2 images will look the same.

Both the Sol 45 and Sol 22 are available for $199.95. The Sol 45 is out now, while the Sol 22 is available on pre-order.