New Products From Westcott

Westcott has announced several new studio lighting accessories available through JP Distribution. These are listed below:

Omega Reflector

This is a 10 in 1 ‘shoot through’ reflector. The 38″ x 45″ Omega Reflector can be used as a standard reflector or as a shoot-through unit with an easily convertible 2:3 center frame with easy to attach/detach Velcro panels. Using just one light source, you can produce a main light and a back light and create gorgeous beauty lighting. It has an SRP of £120 including VAT.


Illuminator Arm Extreme

The durable and stable Illuminator Arm Extreme gives photographers the ability to mount their reflectors and boards. With grip mounts located on both ends and a telescopic all-metal arm, the Illuminator Arm Extreme can precisely position the new Omega Reflector and Westcott Illuminator Reflectors up to 72″. It has an SRP of £95 including VAT.


Rapid Box 32″ Duo

This Rapid Box has the added ability to mount up to 2 speedlights. Features include a highly-reflective silver interior, durable umbrella-style frame, lightweight construction, and an included travel case. Quick setup and teardown makes this unit an ideal choice for on-location photographers. This has an SRP Including VAT of £320.


40 Degree Grid for Rapid Box 32″ Duo

Further direct and control the output of the Rapid Box Duo with this durable 40° grid. 40° grids are the most popular geometry used in photography to create separation and add depth. This has an SRP of £420 including VAT.


LampGuard Case

The Westcott LampGuard is a compact protective case for CFL lamps, speedlites, bulbs, and compact light heads. Equipped with heavily-padded dividers, this case ensures security and organization for up to six lamps. This has an SRP of £60 including VAT.


Pocket Pack

This is a compact reflector and 1 stop diffuser. Measuring less than 6 inches in the included travel case, these essential modifiers pop open instantly to a full 12 inch diameter. This has an SRP of £24 including VAT.

For more information, take a look at the Westcott website.