Nissin i40 Flash Gun Now Available In Micro 4/3 And Sony Fit

Kenro has announced that the Nissin i40 compact flash gun is now available for Micro Four Thirds and Sony cameras.

Features include a flash output of GN40 at 105mm and the ability to tilt the head horizontally 180° to right and left and up 90° making bounce shooting more arbitrary and increasing the number of angles that can be used.

With an auto adjust zoom ranging from 24mm-105mm and a built-in diffuser giving 16mm lens coverage, the i40 is also suitable for close up photography. The new model is also equipped with a LED video light function providing 9 steps of output level adjustment and a soft box is supplied to soften the output and reduce shadows. It also features a sturdy metal hot shoe with quick release.

Other functions include high-speed synchronization (supporting up to 1/8,000 seconds shutter speed), wireless TTL mode and a simple operation panel with two selector dials controls: Function dial and a Power dial, making it a perfect flash for beginners. The flash is powered by 4 x AA batteries and has an SRP of £204 including VAT.
For more information take a look at the Kenro website.