When it comes to providing a solution to carry your cameras Peak Designs has it covered.

The company based in California has come up with some wonderful designs of both new and existing products which can make life that little bit easier.

The guys at Peak kindly sent us some of their products to try and I’ve been using them extensively over the last few months.

First up is the Capture Pro Camera Clip. Essentially what this item does is allow you to clip your camera and lens to your belt, harness, backpack or camera bag strap, leaving it safe whilst walking, cycling or climbing, but at the same time keeping it close to hand should you want to grab and shoot.

The clip is a nicely engineered product, milled from lightweight aluminium and in use it works like a charm. Available with a choice of one of three camera plates, ARCA, Dual (Manfrotto RC2 and ARCA) and Micro. Choosing a plate the same as your quick release tripod head means that the plated camera can be used in conjunction with your existing tripod QR and the clip also has a threaded base should you want to use the complete clip as a quick release on your favourite legs.

With the ARCA plate your camera can be held at any one of four positions, whilst with the dual it is only two, although in use I didn’t find this particular limiting. The small micro plate fits the ARCA heads although this is primarily for point and shoots.

Next up is the ProPad, this is an add-on product for the Capture Pro Clip and helps when using the clip with a heavier lens/camera combination. You fold the ProPad over your belt/strap and then attach the Clip to the pad. This reduces the flex on the belt and firms everything up. Its certainly a must have when using something like a 70-200 2.8 lens and pro camera combination, although I’ve tended to use the ProPad every time I use the clip on my belt regardless off what camera I’m planning to hang from it.

Finally there are two straps, a short wrist strap (The Cuff) and an adjustable strap (Leash) which can be a sling strap or a neck strap as you need, all adjustable within seconds. The great thing with both these straps is that they fix to the camera with small tethers. Removing them is a one handed operation, you just push a button and slide off the strap. This allows you to use either as a retaining device, as I do with the Cuff and Capture Pro clip. If I’m off climbing a structure or riding a motorcycle/cycle to a hard to reach place and I’m using the clip, I simply leave a Cuff looped over my belt and hook it to my camera for added protection, not that in nine months use the clip has ever failed or is likely to…it even has its own locking screw!

On receiving the products it was the Capture Pro clip that was of most interest, but to be honest the Leash has proven to be the most used.

The Cuff and Leash are both made from a seat belt material which slides nicely when making adjustments.

I was concerned about how narrow the Leash was and thought that with a heavy camera/lens combination it would bite into my shoulder/neck, but in use, even with the heaviest cameras, this has not proved to be the case. I have the small retaining tethers attached to more than one body and just attach the strap to whichever one I require. Covering football or rugby from the touchline the products have been really useful. I’ll use one canon body with 300mm 2.8 on the capture clip attached to the mono pod and another Canon 1 series body with 70-200 2.8 hung on the Leash in sling mode, positioned by my right hip. For distance I’ll be shooting with the 300, but as soon as the action gets close, this gets rotated onto my left shoulder and within a moment the 70-200 shod camera has been grabbed and and I’m shooting with that.

Peak are a company who’s products are constantly evolving and they recently launched newer version of the Capture Pro with a revised pro plate. They have also launched a pro strap which is wider than the original Leash. It will be interesting to see how much of an improvement both items are on the originals.

I have to admit admit that I’m a fan of these products and have no hesitation in recommending them to fellow NPS members.


Steve Waller