Perfect Photo Suite 8 Now Available

onOne Software, a leading developer of innovative digital photography solutions, today announced the availability of Perfect Photo Suite 8—the photographer’s choice for photo editing.

Perfect Photo Suite 8 is a full-featured, standalone photo editor that also integrates seamlessly with Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, Photoshop Elements, and Apple Aperture.

Key new features include the Perfect Eraser, with content-aware fill technology; the Perfect Enhance
module for essential photo adjustments; a new Browser that streamlines direct access to images wherever they are located; the Perfect Batch engine that applies presets to multiple images with a single click; and a re-engineered Perfect Effects module, with twice as many adjustable filters, customizable presets, and integrated FocalPoint™ technology.

These new tools and capabilities alongside Perfect Photo Suite 8’s eight modules, one-click presets, tools for automated enhancements, and powerful controls allow photographers to enhance, retouch, and stylize images in a layered workflow, replace backgrounds, create high-quality enlargements, and prepare images for output—giving them the ability to express their creativity and transform their photos quickly and easily.

“We are extremely excited about Perfect Photo Suite 8,” said Craig Keudell, president of onOne Software.
“This version is the result of what photographers have been asking for, not only from us but from the
industry as a whole. We’re grateful for the contributions and feedback the photography community has
invested in our effort and we believe that we’ve created an extraordinarily powerful image editing tool
that meets their specific needs in return.”

Perfect Photo Suite 8 New Features: 

Eight integrated modules – Effects, Enhance, B&W, Portrait, Mask, Layers, Resize, and Browse. Each module is designed to target a specific image-processing task. Together, they help photographers enhance, retouch, and stylize images in a layered workflow, replace backgrounds, create high-quality enlargements, and prepare images for use in various capacities.

  • Perfect Enhance provides essential tools for basic enhancements, such as brightness and contrast adjustments; colourcast, dust spot, and power line removal; and the addition of vignettes. It is an ideal module to start with when using Perfect Photo Suite 8 as a standalone application or when quick corrections are needed.
  • Browse provides convenient and direct access to image files wherever they are stored—whether they are on a computer, an external drive, a connected network, or on a cloud-based storage service like Dropbox, Google Drive, or Apple’s Photo Stream.
  • Reimagined Perfect Effects – As a cornerstone of Perfect Photo Suite 8, the Effects module has been redesigned by adding adjustable filters and customizable presets, making it the most powerful and versatile image stylization tool available on the market today.

Twice as Many Adjustable Filters to create the most sought-after looks, including:

  • Dynamic Contrast – Adds stunning clarity to images and makes them pop by exaggerating the levels of contrast, without sacrificing highlight and shadow detail, creating halos, or affecting saturation.
  • Lens Blur – Includes the best parts of FocalPoint technology to create bokeh, tilt-shift, and selective focus effects after the shot.
  • HDR – Gives images the edgy look of high dynamic range. Settings are adjustable and create effects that range from subtle to surreal.
  • Vintage – Turns photos into a nostalgic memory with retro-style filters.

Powerful brushes provide the right results for specific editing tasks:

  • Perfect Eraser removes objects with content-aware fill technology
  • Retouch Brush uses spot healing to remove small distractions
  • Clone Brush removes unwanted items by replicating and covering specified areas of an image
  • Masking Brush reveals underlying layers or selectively applies effects
  • Perfect Brush delivers precise edge-detection masking

Hundreds of Customizable Presets are available throughout Perfect Photo Suite 8 that make it easy for any photographer to instantly create an image they love. Presets can also be used as starting points for creativity and efficiency. Presets are included in the Enhance, Effects, B&W, Portrait, and Resize modules.

Improved Masking Bug in the Effects and Layers modules make mask creation easier and more intuitive.

Perfect Batch engine simultaneously applies presets from multiple modules and a watermark to a selected group of images.

The new Perfect Photo Suite 8 is now available at the onOne store. Perfect Photo Suite 8 is available in three editions: Premium, Standard, and for Adobe Lightroom & Apple Aperture.

The Premium Edition works with Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, Photoshop Elements, Apple Aperture, and
as a standalone application. It is priced at £135.00 (inc. VAT). For a limited time, orders of Perfect Photo Suite 8 Premium Edition will include a special collection of Professional Presets and The Essential Video Guide to Perfect Photo Suite 8, which provides a comprehensive collection of getting started training videos for Perfect Photo Suite 8—for free (£50 value). This offer ends on 3 December 2013.

Perfect Photo Suite 8 for Adobe Lightroom & Apple Aperture works with Lightroom, Aperture, Photoshop
Elements, and as a standalone application. It is available for £99.00 (inc. VAT); upgrades are £59.00 (inc. VAT).

The Standard Edition works as a complete standalone photo editor and is available for £59.00 (inc. VAT). For more information on Perfect Photo Suite 8, please visit the onOne website. A 30-day Money Back Guarantee backs all onOne Software products.