Skylum software has updated its photo editing software, Luminar, to improve stability and performance. Plus, a few new features have been added.

With this update (3.0.2) Sylum Luminar users will see the following improvements:

Faster import (Windows): Experience faster load times when adding new photos and folders to the Catalog.
Faster launching (Windows): When returning to Luminar, launch times are improved when reloading a Catalog.
Improved moving (Mac): When files are moved between an external and internal drive, the images are not duplicated multiple times in your library.
Improved sRGB exports (Mac): Some cameras showed colour shifts when exporting with the sRGB profile, which has been fixed.
Improved Luminar 2018 import (Mac): Importing and opening native Luminar files (.lmnr files) has been improved.
Stability (Windows and Mac): Luminar 3.0.2 offers greater stability improvements.

New features include a new ‘locate folder’ command and additional language support, plus, the specific new/improved features have been added