SLR Magic 17mm T/1.6 Cine Lens

SLR Magic is pleased to announce the 17mm T/1.6 Cine Lens, the latest addition to the popular Cine portfolio which now includes several lenses.

Designed exclusively for the Micro Four Thirds (MFT) mount, it offers a 34mm focal length in 35mm format equivalency. Like all the Cine lenses the 17mm has an ultra fast maximum aperture. At T/1.6 it is ideal for low-light photography and cinematography. For cinematographers in particular this lens has integrated aperture and focus gearing and a silent, de-clicked aperture ring.

The SLR Magic 17mm T/1.6 CINE lens will be available from resellers at the end of December 2013, pricing to be confirmed nearer to release date.

Furthermore the 17mm T/1.6 cine lens will also be bundled with the popular 35mm T/1.4 II cine lens for a limited time, at a special promotion price.

For more information, take a look at the SLR Magic website.