Eyefi Mobi Apps And Cloud Services Now Work With GoPro And Olympus

Eyefi Mobi Apps And Cloud Services Now Work With And  – Eyefi Mobi apps and Cloud services now work with WiFi enabled cameras from GoPro and Olympus.

Updates to Eyefi’s Mobi apps and Cloud services now allows users to instantly transfer photos which are automatically organised and displayed alongside images captured with other cameras, including DLSR cameras with an Eyefi Mobi WiFi SD card, mobile phones and tablets. With Eyefi Cloud Smart Tags, the entire collection of photos is automatically classified by subject area and synced to all devices making it easy to find, enjoy and share vivid memories as soon as they happen.

“No one uses only one device for taking pictures anymore,” said Matt DiMaria, Eyefi CEO. “When it comes to gear, today’s photo enthusiast relies on an array of equipment from WiFi cameras, to DSLRs with an Eyefi Mobi card, to smartphones and tablets.With Eyefi, photos from each camera are instantly transferred and available in a single collection, eliminating tedious, time-consuming manual transfer and consolidation steps. Also, with Eyefi Cloud photos are made available on every device, instantly.”

Eyefi’s WiFi camera connectivity is available on Android-based devices today, and will be released on iOS-based devices later this year. Eyefi is also announcing a new £3.49 monthly pricing option for Eyefi Cloud. The Eyefi Cloud subscription includes WiFi camera connectivity support for GoPro and Olympus cameras with built-in WiFi. Eyefi Mobi app users who don’t subscribe to Eyefi Cloud can add WiFi camera connectivity to their Eyefi Mobi app with an in-app purchase of £3.49. Eyefi’s WiFi camera connectivity is available for use with GoPro Hero+ LCD, Hero 3, GoPro Hero 4 and Olympus Stylus 1, OLYMPUS PEN E-P5, Olympus Stylus TG- 860, and Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark II cameras.

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