Joining the NPS is the best thing I have done with regards my Photography journey. Within minutes of joining I received a phone call from Rod Pascoe to welcome me to the group.

Since joining, The team (esp. Rod Pascoe) have gone above and beyond if I have needed help. I have recently taken up the free Web Hosting and since being a blonde, my skills were minimum in getting started. Rod kindly started me off and when I was still unable to get anything correct, a call in the evening and talk through of the process was no trouble at all.

I am yet to discover everything else there is to offer (shift work doesn’t allow much time) but I am in no doubt that it will be fantastic.

Tracey LundTracey Lund Photography

As the NPS grows so does the lists of opportunities…
Aside from my membership paying for itself within months of joining, it now feels almost fraudulent to go on benefiting…
I am overwhelmed by the quality of support available to me through this society, the free inclusive and unlimited web hosting to members, the networking with top class photographers, the training and qualification facilities and the (soon to be) inclusive members insurance… These are just a few of the obvious advantages…
It’s wonderful in this day and age to be a member of a society which takes such a refreshing approach to it’s members.
Thank you guys…

Pete ThorpProfessional PhotographerPete
Pete Thorp Photography

Great society, run by great people with great benefits.

Why wouldn’t you want to belong to this society?, it’s a breath of fresh air.

Well done Rod and the team, keep up the good work.

Colin ColeProfessional PhotographerColin Charles Photography

Just wanted to thank you for your help in moving my website to your server and in doing so, saving me over £400! Not knowing anything much about the technical side, and my hosting company baffling me with web talk, I felt stuck with this company and the fees. However, remembering reading something about free web hosting when I joined the NPS, I called Rod and within a few days, had my website moved to the NPS server and now pay nothing for hosting.
The NPS dealt with my previous supplier on my behalf, moved my website to their server without any downtime, all at no cost to me.
Excellent service and well worth the membership fee. I will be highly recommending the NPS to other professional photographers.
Best wishes

Kath OcclestonProfessional Photographer

I’d just like to say thanks for all your help and support in setting up my new website on the NPS servers.
Do you remember when I contacted you the best part of a year ago after reading about the possible benefits I could receive as a member of the NPS? I was sceptical to say the least, having had my fingers burnt as a member of another association.
11 months on and my NPS subscription has got to be the best business expenditure I have made during the last year.
I have all my important data backed up on my included livedrive account. I am using the photosales software to display and sell my images. And now my new website has just gone live, with you offering valuable advice and helping to make the transition smooth.
Its hard to believe that all of the above, including hosting, was included free of charge, just for being a member!
I am sure that the NPS will continue to go from strength to strength, once more and more photographers realise what real benefits they can receive for such a small outlay each year.
To think that with my former society all I seemed to get was a glossy magazine that I rarely found time to read and a load of extra emails from suppliers trying to sell me things that I didn’t want.
Thanks again.
Steve Waller Photography – Felixstowe

Stephen WallerProfessional PhotographerStephen Waller Photography

Just a quick note to thank you for your support in a recent query I had, I must say very professional and a pleasure to deal with mainly thanks to Rod….
I have just cancelled my SWPP membership and am glad to be on board, I will complete my profiles etc asap and look forward to a good working relationship with the NPS.


Andy J Photography

Andy JacksonProfessional PhotographerAndy J Photography

Friendly, knowledgeable, informative and helpful group.

If your thinking of joining a photographic society, don’t waste your time and money on the dinosaurs, try something fresh, join the NPS.

The benefits of members are worth the fee alone.

Steve DaviesProfessional Photographer8-19 Photography

Moving from the SWPP to the NPS was the best thing I did for my business in 2011.
I’ve found the support, advice and Licentiate process much more user friendly, and with over a Terabyte of my photos backed up online with the NPS, you can’t argue the value for money!
Thanks NPS!!

Adam OsoskiProfessional Photographer

As a long standing member of other photographic organisations it was refreshing to find The NPS which has a different approach and has many benefits for members that are not available elsewhere. I believe that as the organisation grows it will become a very strong voice for both professionals and amateurs alike offering help, advice and financial savings for all it’s members.

Geoff RobertsProfessional Photographer

I’ve found The NPS atmosphere to be friendly and far from rarefied, honest answers always forthcoming to issues facing today’s photographer in a world of so many pretenders.

Nicky HeppenstallCo-founder and Vice Chair RMB & Pro Photographer