A message from our Chairman – Rod Pascoe

There are fewer things more likely to strike terror in to the heart of a man than being asked to hold a newborn child!

This is one of the reasons why as both a photographer (and a man!) I have nothing but the utmost respect for photographers who work with very young babies.

With the rise of newborn photography as a genre, there is an increase in the risk that one of these delicate beautiful children could come to harm in the hands of the well-intentioned but untrained photographer.

Even the most skilled and qualified photographers need training in how to handle children, especially children who are only hours or days old.

I am therefore thrilled and delighted to announce that The NPS have accepted an invitation to work alongside The Newborn Workshops both to promote the importance of training in this area and to provide an exceptional series of workshops where NPS members can go and learn these skills.

The Newborn Workshops have gained a reputation in the industry as being one of the best places to come and learn these skills and we look forward to working with them in promoting this vital set of skills that anyone who shoots a newborn baby needs to have.

More information can be found on their website – www.newbornworkshops.co.uk

Rod Pascoe

The National Photographic Society