The NPS use a company called Talea Digital for our members website hosting.  Talea have a reputation for fast servers and exceptional support and our own website is hosted with them too.

All NPS members can get free website hosting via Talea, there are a few points below that you’ll need to know and they will probably answer some of your questions too.

  • Is it REALLY free?!

    Absolutely 100%, yes, no strings, no catches, leave when you like, no bills for hosting ever.

  • Do I have to do anything myself?

    Nope, not unless you want to.  Talea will liaise with you directly and move the site for you, they do hundreds of site moves a week and you can sit back and relax whilst it all comes across.

  • What about email?

    Your emails are hosted free also.  You can have an unlimited number of email accounts and Talea will migrate those over when they move your website.

  • How long does it take?

    Generally your site and emails will come across in a day, sometimes in rare circumstances they might take longer if they are busy, you have a large site or your site is complicated in some way.

  • Will my website or emails go offline?

    Nope.  Your site and emails will be copied across to the new servers, then your domain name (the bit) will be pointed to the new servers, then, once they know it’s all working the old host account can be closed.

  • What about my old host?

    You’ll have to cancel your old hosting when you’ve been given the go ahead by Talea as we can’t do that for you.  Don’t do this until you’re told to though.

  • Do I have to pay for my domain name?

    Yes, domain names are your responsibility and you can buy them from whoever you want.  Most of our members ask Talea to take over the registration of their domain name as it makes it easier for technical issues if it’s all with the same company.

  • What about an SSL Certificate?

    You may have had an SSL certificate (the thing that gives you the padlock in your browser) included in the cost of your old hosting or you may have paid for it separately.  Prices vary and can be as much as £500 a year.  SSL certificates are completely optional but if you do want one then please ask Talea to install one for you.   There is a cost but as an NPS member you’ll get it for 50% off (currently £49.95 a year)

    They are recommended as not only do they make your website more trustworthy to customers they increase the security on your website and help your SEO ranking too.

  • Can I leave whenever I want?

    Absolutely, there is no minimum time period and you can leave whenever you want.  In fact, Talea will archive everything up into a backup for you and send it to you for safekeeping when you want to leave.

  • What about support?

    Talea have one of the best reputations in the industry when it comes to support.  Oftentimes our tickets are answered in less than a minute.  Raise a ticket from your control panel and they’ll help you with whatever you need 365 days a year.