As an NPS member you are entitled to a free website and free hosting for it.

You can either have a completely new website using one of our templates or you can simply ask us to setup the website as a basic framework and this will leave you free to choose from one of the many thousands of themes that are available on the internet (both for free and for a fee).

We will also help you in setting the website up (if you are not technically minded) and this service is also completely free of charge.

Alternatively you can just host your existing website that you are happy with for free as a member benefit.

Please note that if you leave The NPS then you will need to either setup hosting payment with our hosting company ( or move your website off their servers within 28 days of leaving us.

Which of the following best describes your website and hosting needs?

  • Hosting Only
  • I have my own website and domain name and I just want you to give me free hosting.
    (you can obtain a domain name too if you don’t have one)
  • Hosting And Website
  • I’d like either a new domain name and a website or I’d like to keep my existing domain name but have one of your new websites.