Welcome to The National Photographic Society Image Competition, currently we are accepting entries from both members and non-members and there is also currently no fee for entry.

Entries submitted too late for entry in the selected month will automatically be entered in the following month.

Please fill out the form below and submit your image, the NPS Team wish you all the best of luck with your entry.

(in the event that the form complains about your image on upload check that it is all lowercase (including extension) and contains no spaces or punctuation, if that fails then you may email your images to info@thenps.com)

You are entering your image into the month of April


  • All winners (both Gold and Highly Commended) will receive a discount code with The Print Foundry

Rules of The NPS Monthly Image Competition

  • The image should be at least 2000 pixels along the longest edge as per our entry requirements – we suggest you view the image at 100% on a calibrated monitor before submitting.  Resolution of the image is not important as long as the pixels specified are there.
  • Any images that violate copyright, trademark or any other applicable law will be disqualified.
  • The image must not be watermarked or otherwise branded.
  • An image may not be submitted to multiple categories in the same month.
  • The image must have been created by the applicant and any manipulation of the image also been done by the applicant – outsourcing post production is NOT acceptable not is any image created or edited on a course or under any form of tuition.
  • Only one image may be entered into any one category in any given month.
  • Applicants agree that images submitted may be used by The NPS on their website and social media accounts / adverts.
  • Image deadline is the last day of the month you are submitting for, winners are announced between the 10th and 15th of the next month except December which is combined with January’s competition.
  • Since we now donate to charity for each entry made then we no longer post certificates for the winners.  You can however contact the office to have either a PDF certificate emailed or a hard copy posted to you for a small postage fee.

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