Adobe’s Free Color App Allows you to Sample The World’s Colors with Your Mobile Device

We here at Fstoppers can forgive our beloved Trevor Dayley for jumping ship and joined the crew over at SLRLounge as long as he keeps turning us on to useful tools and tips like the Adobe Color CC app. This thing is so cool and it’s free. Adobe never seems to stop enriching it’s eco systems with improved connectivity and functionality. The Color CC app allows you to sample real world colors (you’ll see what I mean by that in Trevor’s video) or create color palettes from photos straight from your mobile device. All your captures are saved as “themes” directly to your Creative Cloud account to be access later in Comp CC, Illustrator Draw, Photoshop Sketch, Illustrator, InDesign and most importantly Photoshop. Trevor’s full post, which details the usefulness of the app, can be found here on SLRLounge and you can check out Adobe’s in-depth tutorial here. Download it free for iPhone or Android.


Capture color combinations whenever inspiration strikes with Adobe Color CC and your iPhone, iPad or Android devices. Your color themes are automatically saved to Creative Cloud Libraries for access in desktop and mobile apps, or to share with your team. Color CC now works with the Apple Watch, so you can browse themes from other users around you and save them to your libraries. -Adobe