The Associateship is our middle qualification for photographers that are wanting to show their professionalism and a higher level of skill.

The qualification is awarded after successful entry of an image submission.

The qualification shows the holder has a high level of skill in the following areas :

  • Composition
  • Lighting
  • The correlation between ISO, shutter speed, aperture and focal length
  • Depth of field
  • Rule of thirds

Furthermore, Associate level applicants should be starting to show a unique style in their work making them stand out from their peers.

Applicants who are successful in their submissions may use the letters ANPS after their name.

Many of our Associate level members often win Gold Awards in our monthly image competition, their work is consistently above average with a recognisable style.  Image by Angi Wallace.

By the time you are ready to submit a panel for Associate level you will already be technically proficient.  Rookie mistakes with exposure and focussing will be a thing of the past and your focus will be on your image execution and the vision for that particular shot.

You will most likely either be showing signs of a unique “style” or already on the path to becoming a recognisable photographer by image alone.

A series of images from a shoot by you will be consistent, recognisable as being part of a set and all of the same standard.

Clean, fitting well with the rest of the panel and free from technical errors this Associate level image shows the type of image that we expect from you in your image set.  Image by Kamal Mostofi.

Image by Mike Martin

When you’re ready to submit your panel then visit our members area by clicking here and submit your panel.

Image submission for both Licentiate and Associate are digitally submitted, remember that your panel must be consistent, free of technical errors, flow, and be above average compared to a Licentiate holder.

If you are in any doubt about your eligibility then please email five images to [email protected] and mark the for pre-examination by a qualifications judge.

One of our panel will assess them for free and advise you if they are up to Associate standard.

Good luck!