Benro Ranger Pro Backpacks Launched

Benro has announced a new range of backpacks called Ranger Pro, designed specifically for nature and sports photographers.

Their innovative design ensures a perfect balance and distribution of weight, achieved by having the upper compartment larger than the lower compartment; this allows better ventilation and reduced pressure on the carrier.

With the backpack’s front pocket, bumping and shaking is avoided whilst also isolating cold/high temperatures and damp when carrying both a tripod and laptop. There is also a front attached cover, further protecting bags from rain and dust.

Another distinctive feature of the Ranger Pro Backpack range is its ease of access in many different ways. This is achieved by including front, upper, lower and side openings allowing quick retrieval and storage of equipment. Durable high-grade water-repellent materials are used to reinforce the bottom to ensure abrasion resistant protection.

The Ranger Pro Backpacks are available in three different variations, 400N, 500N and 600N, with the capacity to hold up to 2SLRs, 6-8 lenses, 2 flash units and one 17 inch laptop. Prices start from £129.90 – £149.94 (SRP).

For more information, take a look at the Kenro website.