The candidate will be required to produce a panel of work to a standard that can be reasonably expected from someone who has progressed further than amateur level to determine an established level of skill and competence.

Submissions must be from photographs taken over the past 24 months and be representative of the applicant’s normal work.  A maximum of 3 images from each location/project/commission is allowed towards the total of the required 20 images, which may be provided on CD or by email to [email protected] Please note that images should be numbered sequentially from 1 to 20 and should be no larger than 2000 pixels along the longest side.  Please be mindful that large emailed zip files or folders may be contrained by the server and it may be sensible to split your submission into smaller files if emailing.  Please also remember to accompany your submission with your name and membership number.  Your membership number can be found by logging into the website and visiting the members area.

What the Assessors are looking for :-

Sound technical competence.

Quality, variety and impact of the images.

Candidates should take time and care with the choice and quality of their images. Where appropriate to the specific discipline a good variety of work is expected to include single and group subjects, interior and exterior locations, high-key, low-key, ambient and artificial lighting. A lack of basic corrections to colour balance and density, or attention to detail and distractions will naturally have an adverse effect on the overall impact of a panel.

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