Please find below the download links for your cloud storage account, you should have received by email your user specific account details, if you haven’t then try using :-
[email protected] with photo123 as a password. e.g.   [email protected]

Once you are logged in please change your password for security!!!

Your account currently has 100 GB of free storage included, heavy data users can increase that to 10 TB for an additional £49.95.   10TB is a massive amount of storage (as an example, if you had a 10 megapixel camera producing 3MB files would be able to store 3,495,252 – yes, 3 1/2 billion images)  The default 100GB given the same camera would hold 34, 133 images.*
Please note that your account may show 30GB until you have started to use it, it will increase to 100MB once you near your limit.

*Date calculated from the Sandisk Website

Please click the appropriate link for your platform below to download the Hubic client, you can access your files via too.



Windows Phone 8



Linux (beta)