Hähnel Tuff TTL flash trigger review – Amateur Photographer

When the shutter is pressed, the transmitter sends an ISM 2.4GHz wireless signal to the receiver that can fire the flash from a distance of up to 200 metres.


The real highlight, though, is that the flash trigger works with TTL metering. This means the flash sends a small pre-flash, calculates how much power output is required with your chosen settings, and then meters it accordingly.


TTL metering is invaluable in situations where your subject is moving, a shot needs to be taken quickly or there’s no time to set a manually determined flash power output. I often rely on it for candid photos at weddings when it’s dark, or if it’s hard to shoot with ambient light.


The large button on the front of the transmitter tests the flash, while one below it allows users to switch between normal high-speed sync and second-curtain sync modes.


High-speed sync ensures the flash fires at shutter speeds up to 1/8,000sec for capturing action. Second-curtain sync allows the flash to fire at the end of an exposure, ideal for capturing ambient light while using flash. The bottom of the receiver features a 1/4in tripod thread, but if you have a shoe-mounting flash modifier you’ll need to buy a tripod-to-shoe adapter.


I was disappointed that the Hänhel Tuff TTL comes without an included shoe adapter, as it makes pairing it with shoe-mounted softboxes rather difficult. There’s also no functionality to adjust exposure compensation on the remote. However, it is exceptionally good value for money, well built and gives consistently good results in use without any misfiring issues.


This trigger set allows users to run multiple off-camera flashes on different groups and channels. The system can be used in manual or with TTL metering. The transmitter also lets users individually configure the lighting set-up, including adjusting exposure compensation for TTL flashguns.


Often the flash trigger of choice for many professional photographers, the PocketWizard kit works manually or TTL, with the option to adjust ±3EV using the AC3 accessory. However, it comes at a steep price.


Although these triggers don’t feature TTL metering, the Cactus V6 can be used to fire off-camera flashes and change the power setting from another V6 unit. As an added bonus, they can handily also be used on any camera using any type of flash.


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Hähnel Tuff TTL wireless triggers were released back in 2012, but they are still very well regarded as reliable off-camera flash-triggering kits. This particular kit comes as a pair, comprising a transmitter and a receiver, and is available in or fit. The receiver attaches to a flashgun and the transmitter attaches to the camera’s shoe.