Personal Photographic Mentoring by one of the World’s top Photographers.

Martin offer a unique programme of photographic mentoring, education and training designed to be tailored to YOUR specific needs. Image critiques are just the beginning, but what you really need is ‘How to’s’. How to light effectively. How to crop powerfully, How to pose and compose a winning image. And so much more! Real ‘Mentors’ listen and advise, set realistic programmes with achievable targets, monitor your progress and reward success with further incentives.


Martin has been in the industry for over 32 years covering many aspects of Professional Photography including Industrial, Commercial, Automotive, Advertising, Fashion, Editorial, Wedding photography & Portraiture.

Over almost the entire period of his professional career he has been actively engaged in the training of photographers from the four corners of the world covering every major discipline.  He is  a highly respected trainer and judge with so many Professional Organisations as well as many of the world’s leading representative bodies.

Martin is one of the worlds leading photographers who travels internationally to share his knowledge and experience.

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