Important changes to legislation for UK photographers

Two major new pieces of legislation coming into effect in the forthcoming months are due to make substantial changes to the contractual rights of consumers.

The first set of regulations will affect all traders, but will in particular be of relevance to those who supply digital content, or who enter into contracts with consumers over ‘distance’ means such as the internet, or face-to-face in places other than the their own business premises.

If you sell digital media (including USB memory sticks or DVD’s) then once any seal on these is broken then they will be unable to refuse to pay you, this also includes giving access in any way to downloads (such as JPG images). If you don’t already seal your media when you present it then now might be a good time to invest in some stickers.

The second legislative development is a far-reaching project to update, clarify and codify a large proportion of the existing consumer-facing legislation.