Professional Photographer Membership – £149.95 a year *** £69.95 a year with this special offer ***
This membership is only available to photographers who can supply us with current insurance details and are professional photographers who earn income from photography.  If you have just started out you can apply for an exemption to supplying us with insurance details until you start trading.
Members joining at this level must attain Licentiate level as a minimum within 6 months of joining.
Members will have Professional Photographer displayed against their listing in our directory and will appear before regular listings.  Professional Photographers will also have a larger portfolio of photographs on display.
Members joining at this level will also receive preference places on training courses that we run.
Members can have a free website and hosting or just have their existing website hosted for free
Members will also get reduced membership with The International Federation of Professional Photographers.
Finally of course Professional Photographers can also advertise themselves as NPS Professional Photographers.