Gitzo has introduced a new 2 Way Fluid Head that’s compact, ergonomically design and is designed with birdwatchers as well as wildlife photographers in mind.

The 2 Way Fluid Head, with new fluid cartridges and ultra-precise inner mechanism, will support a medium-sized spotting scope or a CSC/DSLR with lenses up to 200mm. In fact, the payload can be anything up to 4KG and as the Fluid head weighs less than 1KG, it won’t be cumbersome when out in the field.

A rubberised Arca-Swiss compatible plate is built in along with a counterbalance system and for those who capture video as well as still images, the Gitzo 2 Way Fluid Head can also be used in a video configuration with the help of the integrated pan bar, which is adjustable to any angle and reversible for left- and right-handed users.

The 2 Way Fluid Head is priced at £289.95