New LEE100 Filter System Now Available

The LEE100 filter system from Lee Filters has been launched today at The Photography Show 2019 and its design is based on extensive customer feedback and product testing.

“Lee is excited to introduce our latest product innovation at The Photography Show,” says Paul Mason, managing director, Lee Filters. “We are especially pleased to bring the Lee100 filter system to the market knowing it meets the unique needs of our photography customers.”
The LEE100 filter holder is engineered from injection-moulded composite materials so it’s rigid, lightweight and durable. Plus, it’s compatible with all existing LEE 100mm filters and adaptor rings.

The spring release allows for one-handed operation when attaching to the adapter ring, and the new holder’s most innovative design element is the blue locking dial, which permits it to be used in three different settings:

Neutral: Holder can be both rotated and quickly removed or knocked off should it be caught by clothing, for example, thereby protecting the camera and lens.
Half lock: Holder can be rotated but is locked to the adaptor ring, and cannot be removed from it.
Full lock: Holder cannot be rotated and is also locked in place, so cannot be removed from adaptor ring.

LEE100 filter system

Also new are the modular filter-guide blocks, which come in one, two and three-slot configurations. Their simplified design means they simply snap on to the holder and remain securely in place until the photographer is ready to remove them. The new tapered profile gives improved resistance when positioning filters.

The LEE100 system can be used with up to three slot-in filters without the risk of vignetting and filters in the new LEE100 range include the LEE100 Polariser.

Existing LEE Filters polarisers can be attached to the new holder via a clip-on 105mm polariser ring. The polariser is simply screwed into the ring and clipped on to the LEE100 filter holder and can be used either on its own or in combination with other filters.

LEE100 filter system

Pricing & Availability

LEE100 filter holder – £69.95
LEE100 Polariser – £195
LEE100 105mm polariser ring – £35
LEE100 Landscape Kit:
Includes LEE100 filter holder, LEE 0.6 ND medium grad – £140
LEE100 Long Exposure Kit: Includes LEE100 filter holder, Big Stopper, Little Stopper, LEE 0.6 ND hard grad – £299
LEE100 Deluxe Kit: Includes LEE100 filter holder, LEE100 Polariser, Big Stopper, LEE 0.6 ND medium grad, LEE 0.9 ND hard grad, LEE 1.2 ND medium grad, 50ml ClearLEE filter wash, ClearLEE filter cloth – £540
(All prices exclude VAT)

Visit the LEE100holder website for more information.