Nikon is pleased to announce the release of the full-frame, Nikon FX-format mirrorless cameras, the Z7 and Z6, as well as NIKKOR Z lenses, featuring a new, larger-diameter mount.

Mirrorless Reinvented through the Nikon Z mount system

The Z mount system is comprised of mirrorless cameras featuring a new, larger-diameter mount, as well as compatible NIKKOR lenses and accessories. This system has been realised through the pursuit of a new dimension in optical performance. It has inherited Nikon’s tradition of quality, superior imaging technology, great operability, and high reliability, all innovated from its digital SLR cameras.

At the heart of the new Z mount system is the new, larger-diameter mount, which unlocks further possibilities of lens design, increasing greater capabilities in optical performance The Z mount system will offer a variety of high-performance lenses*, including the fastest lens in Nikon history with f/0.95. Additionally, the new mount adapter will enable compatibility with NIKKOR F mount lenses, offering photographers more choice.

The letter “Z” represents the bridge to a new chapter. The Nikon Z is about Nikon’s relentless pursuit of ultimate performance. It is about redefining possibilities and providing photographers with tools to realise greater creativity.

Nikon will expand the value of mirrorless cameras through the pursuit of a new dimension in optical performance and by upholding Nikon’s tradition of quality while responding to the evolution of imaging technology. By providing photographers with stimulating new products, Nikon will continue to lead imaging culture.

*Within interchangeable lenses for Nikon SLR cameras and Advanced Cameras with Interchangeable Lens