The Pentax Full Frame Camera Is Finally on Its Way

Nonetheless, this is exciting news. The 645z uses the same 51 MP Sony sensor as many bodies costing five times as much and produces spectacular files with tremendous latitude; if the full frame model uses a similar sensor (perhaps something akin to that found in the a7R II), you can expect some serious competition on the market. Check out the images from Pentax below and let us know what you hope to see in this !


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I believe this is to announce a “Full Frame” format camera from PENTAX… The 645 was introduced some time ago and is a MF camera – This new ‘FF’ is about 6 months away.


Pentax should enter the market (of full frame cameras) with a plan or else, they’ll be simply eaten by the big boys. It should posess unique (useful and innovative) features that and doesn’t have. And hopefully release a good line of lenses.


They get pretty crazy with the sensor shifting… Can even shift sensor to follow star motion, allowing lower ISO, longer shots…Variable optical low pass filter – And that was a few generations ago. They have a reputation of being ‘built like a tank’ (in a good way) – Problem was limited/expensive lens collection. So no matter what the body can do it needs to have 3 nice lenses at launch and the promise of..? Will be interesting.


3 lenses? They have 6 full frame lenses in their catalog now, plus more than a dozen they used to build recently and could bring back to production. Add to this the hundreds of SLR lenses they have ever built, K-mount’s best in business backwards compatibility, and great optical and build quality pentax is famous for, and lenses are the least of the worries with this system.


I still have faith for Pentax. I just want the company to be unique and not just another FF DSLR in the market. And since they are having a high MP sensor, they can start off with a good set of prime lenses. If Sigma can do it without breaking the bank, Pentax should be able to produce quality glass.


Used to shoot Pentax 67II in film era :) and if they deliver the same way in FF like they did with 645z then this is the best thing they can do… now Nikon and Canon might watch for this guy :)


Today, Pentax posted a teaser page on its website, announcing the debut of a full frame camera, finally bringing to fruition a camera system many have long thought was in the making.Pentax, the company that peculiarly has a medium format camera and a line of APS-C cameras, but no full frame system, is finally filling that gap and frankly, we’re excited. The 645z produces unbelievably gorgeous files, while their APS-C line has a small, but very devoted following. Information is scant at the moment, as Pentax has only posted a few silhouettes of the camera with the text “Full Frame by Pentax: Spring 2016 Debut.”