Canon warns of fake 600EX-RT speedlites; find out if yours is authentic

In their statement, emphasizes these counterfeits were neither designed nor manufactured by them, despite look nearly identical to Canon’s own products down to the individual trademark logos.

‘Furthermore, these counterfeit products have not been manufactured or tested under the safety standards established by Canon’, Canon states in the advisory. ‘[Therefore] we are unable to make representations concerning their safe operation, and there is a possibility that using one of these counterfeit products may cause adverse affects such as generation of fire and/or smoke’.

Canon says the best bet to ensuring your model is an authentic Canon product is to purchase from an authorized Canon dealer, such as B&H or Adorama. If you’ve already purchased a Speedlite 600EX-RT flash, Canon has provided a couple of graphics to help you distinguish whether your speedlite is authentic or not.

The position to release the mounting foot lock lever on a genuine unit is towards the left (see the green arrow), and the position to release the mounting foot lock lever on a counterfeit unit is towards the center (see the red arrow).

The display on the Custom Function screen is different. Follow the steps in the Speedlite 600EX-RT Instruction Manual to access the Custom Function screen.