Gitzo 3-Way Fluid Head Announced

Gitzo has announced a 3-way fluid head, featuring an independent fluid cartridge for each axis to guarantee smooth movement. 

Made from an ultra-light and rigid magnesium body, it weighs less than 1kg and can hold up to 13kg of weight. It’s also very compact compared to other fluid heads of its kind. 

The Gitzo 3-way Fluid Head has innovative and ergonomic retractable tilt handles, and a 7cm rubberised Arca-Swiss style plate with quick release holder which can rotate 90 degrees for easy portrait shooting. 

Gitzo 3-way Fluid Head key features:

  • Extremely versatile, optimal precision fluidity and control
  • Impressive payload in a lightweight and compact body
  • Easy set up and framing with 90° rotating quick release plate/holder, Arca-Swiss compatible

The Gitzo3-way Fluid Head is available for £439.95. It can also be purchased as part of a kit with a Gitzo Mountaineer tripod starting at £1189.95.