This In Focus interview is with Maddy Rogers, tell us a little about yourself Maddy.

l live in Lincolnshire and have a cute little home studio where l passionately photograph mostly newborns, with a smattering of older babies in between. l’m in my 7th year and love it more than ever.
l am proud co-founder of The Baby and Newborn Photography Association, and regularly train budding newborn photographers in the UK and from abroad.

How long have you been into photography? Was there a reason you got into it?

When l was 18 l went to art college in Gt Yarmouth. It was a top art college back then, and my second year l specialised in photography. After that l didn’t pick a camera up for anything other than family snaps until around 2003. Slowly a passion grew, and with digital photography now available l went full steam into it. It was a hobby to start with, but in 2009/10 l started my business.

What photographers past or present inspire you if any?

I’ve always loved portrait photography, and especially black and white images. Dorothea Lange’s images always made me stop and and look. l’d find myself absorbed into them, wondering about the lives of the people in them. They have such depth and grit.

Did you decide deliberately on the style of photography that you currently do or did it just naturally evolve?

It has very much naturally evolved, although l have found myself wanting to shape my style as I have improved my skills, and usually towards those l currently admire in my field. There are styles of light, composition, styling and editing l have drawn form various photographers.

What is your favourite image that you’ve taken to date and why?

Thats impossible. lt changes constantly. The image I adored last week l now look at and think its isn’t as good as one l took this week. l can certainly show you a recent favourite.

Most photographers have a favourite lens that they keep going back to, do you have one and if so what is it and why is it your favourite?

My Canon 1.2f. SO much glass in it, and its just beautiful. Its clarity is incredible, and the DOF is stunning. lt takes a little practice, but l always keep going back to it.

What is your next project going to be?

My project is always the same…to get better and grow my business. This year its about pushing my training, and l hope to be more involved with the NPS. l would also like to be a Fellow with the NPS, and then be a newborn NPS Specialist.

Do you remember your first camera and what was it?

My first DSLR was a Canon 400D. lt feels like a kids toy when l hold it now.

What is it about photography that you love the most?

Capturing emotions. l want people to feel something when they look at my images, whether its their child in them or not.

What do you think you’ll be photographing in ten years time?

As long as l can hold a camera and see l want to be photographing babies, and newborns if possible. l have no plans to change because l simply adore what l do too much for that.

If you could give just one piece of advice to someone who wanted to start out in photography today what would it be?

lf you love taking pictures, then make a career out of it. lf you think taking pictures is a good earner and that’s why you want to do it, don’t.  I believe to succeed in this industry you have to love what you do. Its competitive, expensive, and hard work, so it needs to be a labour of love.

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