Five years ago, two passionate newborn photographers became determined to begin providing quality newborn safety training to the highest standard possible. After being friends or many years, Maddy Rogers and Shellie Wall began their respective journeys to becoming specialist newborn photographers around 6-7 years ago, being amongst the newborn photography pioneers for the UK and bearing witness to the huge rise in popularity of this fantastically rewarding genre.

Having evolved and grown through hard work, meticulous attention to detail of their art and numerous tutorials and training tools, they were then concerned to identify a huge and potentially dangerous issue with extreme novices putting the sake of an image before the safety of tiny babies. This brought with it a sense of duty to begin spreading the word about the importance of safety within the profession. The Newborn Workshops provide this valuable insight. Travelling the UK and Europe they teach every aspect of newborn photography , from the initial contact with parents, settling and soothing baby, safety, posing, marketing and editing.

Each day they impart their extensive knowledge in a relaxed and chilled out atmosphere with newborn models, glowing mums and ample opportunity to not only take photographs but to ask questions too. Friendly and approachable Maddy and Shellie are more than happy to offer help and advice to cover all aspects of newborn photography.

Not only did they create and set up the workshops, they were also the founders of The Baby & Newborn Photography Association, which hugely promotes newborn safety and is a fantastic resource for both parents and photographers alike.

As a team they bring a wealth of experience to the table, Maddy with her background as a sleep counsellor and Shellie with her previous occupation as a neo-natal nurse, both proving a distinct advantage when dealing with sleeping (or not so sleepy) babies. Coupled with their extensive photography and newborn safety experience and not least the fact that between them they have seven children. Their passion for their profession is evident in abundance through their work, their finished images and also in the way they train.

A recent welcome addition to the team is the very talented Rob Mank, whose newborn images have won him a plethora of distinguished awards. His knowledge of lighting is second to none, which adds another welcome dimension to the workshops. Rob’s specialisation in producing fine art images capturing the beauty of pregnancy in a glamorous, yet timeless way is showcased in his masterclass, along with lighting expertise to a very high standard. His work is in huge demand all across the country and like Maddy and Shellie he is easy to talk to and will happily answer your lighting questions regarding equipment , adjusting to working in either small or large spaces, angles, posing and much more.

Shellie and Maddy have both worked solely with natural light so will be on hand to advise on this method too, should you require it.

The workshop’s Personal Assistant Lou Rulton, who having attended many workshops as a helper has gained insight into lots of the frequently asked questions and will help where she can. She also looks after emails and facebook messages. Whether it may be about being a potential future workshop host or just general advice or queries, Lou will answer as quickly as possible, passing on messages where necessary, keeping all interested parties in the loop.

On top of all this once the workshop has been attended you will gain access to our exclusive private facebook group, where you will receive continued support from all three of the trainers and the combined expertise and experience of previous attendees.

On request you will also receive your downloadable certificate of attendance (which can also be printed and displayed if so wished)

The team look forward to many more workshops and to carry on raising the awareness of the importance of newborn safety.

You can find out more about the individual photographers on their websites, information on the workshops is on the main Newborn Workshops website.