Total Production Of Nikkor Lenses Reaches 85 Million

Nikon has announced that total production of NIKKOR lenses for Nikon interchangeable lens cameras reached eighty-five million at the beginning of January 2014.

In 1959, Nikon (then Nippon Kogaku K.K.) released the Nikon F as well as the first NIKKOR lenses for Nikon SLR cameras, including the NIKKOR-S Auto 5cm f/2. The NIKKOR tradition has continued over the many years since that first lens was released. What’s more, Nikon continues to expand its lineup of interchangeable lenses for Nikon 1 advanced cameras with interchangeable lenses, the first of which was released in October 2011, bringing total lens production to eighty-five million.

Nikon has steadily expanded its lineup of NIKKOR lenses incorporating advanced optical technologies cultivated over the years.

Nikon says it will continue to develop and release high-quality products that appeal to users the world over.

For more information, take a look at the Nikon website.

Leica M Now Available In The UK

Leica has announced that the M (Type 240)  is now readily available through authorised Leica dealers in the UK.

The international demand had outstripped production capacity and this left the Leica M only available through order with a large waiting time.

Production capacity was increased, and Leica says it is thankful for the patience and support of its clients.

“I am delighted the Leica M is now readily available to customers in the UK”, says David Bell, Managing Director of Leica Camera Ltd. “I look forward to seeing more great work from Leica M photographers and hope they will join us in capturing our centennial year”.

This year, Leica Camera celebrates 100 years of Leica photography with numerous events and exciting new products. A highlight of the iconic brand’s centenary is the company’s relocation to the new, ultra-modern factory and administrative complex in the Leitz Park in Wetzlar, Germany.

The Leica M is available for a suggested retail price of £5100. For a list of authorised retailers and for more information, take a look at the Leica website.

Kowa 8.5mm, 12mm And 25mm Lenses

Kowa has announced three new Micro Four Thirds manual focus fixed focal length lenses.

The lenses announced are the Prominar 8.5mm f/2.8, Prominar 12mm f/1.8, and Prominar 25mm f/1.8.

Kowa has a history of over 60 years in the optical imaging business, and the Japanese company says these new low distortion lenses employ low dispersion glass to achieve a realistic image.

The lenses are set to be released in summer 2014, and no pricing has been announced as yet.

For more information, take a look at the translated Kowa website.

Parker Photographic introduce new presentation product


Parker Photographic ( have introduced a great new way to present images to a client. Instead of mounts, simply slip some images into their branded card print bags.

Many clients throw mounts away costing you more money, but by using this trendy branded presentation your clients prints stay protected whilst promoting your name.

NPS members qualify for 10% off their first order.   Typical price for the large print bag which holds up to A4 prints is £2.65 each., these can save you pounds on folder mounts.

Parker Photographics Ltd
Unit D Tyburn Trading Estate
Ashold Farm Road
B24 9QG

0121 382 1799


Lastolite Magnetic Background Support

Lastolite has announced the release of the magnetic background support.

The unique Magnetic Background Support is designed to provide photographers with a convenient and portable solution. Reliable magnetic connectors provide an instant connection; they grip the background in two positions thereby eliminating yaw and increasing stability.

This easy operation further aids photographers to quickly switch between backgrounds at a comfortable working height. Furthermore, the Magnetic Background Support is compatible with any traditional lighting stand with a 5/8 spigot connector.

Speed, security and sturdiness are key features of the Magnetic Background Support, making it the ultimate solution for busy photographers and videographers.

Key Features:

  • Easily attach any collapsible background with a steel rim to a traditional lighting stand
  • Compatible with any traditional lighting stand with a 5/8 spigot connector
  • Reliable magnetic connectors

The new Magnetic Background Support is available individually for £60, or as part of a kit which includes a lighting stand and carry case for £108.

For more information, take a look at the Lastolite website.

Sigma dp1, dp2, dp3 Quattro Series Announced

Pphoto Dp2 Quattro 01
Sigma has announced the new Sigma dp Quattro series, with a new APS-C Foveon X3 sensor with increases top level resolution, it is designed for quicker image processing, and features an entirely redesigned camera body. The camera will be available in three versions: dp1 with f/2.8 19mm, 28mm equivalent lens, dp2 with f/2.8 30mm, 45mm equivalent lens, and dp3 with f/2.8 50mm, 75mm equivalent lens. Price and release date is yet to be confirmed.

The camera records 7680 x 5120, 39 megapixel JPEG images, and 5424 x 3616, 19 megapixel RAW images due to the unique pixel arrangement of the sensor. More details can be found below.

From Sigma: Reinvention of camera, reinvention of dp – SIGMA dp Quattro

The Sigma Corporation is pleased to announce the new generation of high image quality compact cameras “SIGMA dp” that incorporates a newly developed Foveon X3 direct image sensor (generation name: “Quattro”).

Unique among image sensors, the Foveon direct image sensor is similar to traditional colour film in that its multiple layer captures all of the information that visible light transmits. Along with Sigma’s proprietary image processing technology, this sensor produces incredible resolution, precise gradation, gorgeous colour with breathtaking realism and a 3D feel. In other words, full-bodied image quality.

For the new dp series, we rethought and redesigned every aspect of the camera, including the sensor, engine, lens and body. While retaining its famous textural expression, the updated Foveon direct image sensor produces images that are more colorful, rich, deep, and faithful than ever before.

To a radical degree, the new-generation dp series embodies Sigma’s philosophy of creating cameras that produce works of art. Featuring the highest level of fundamental performance, this series unites artistic expression and daily experience as no other cameras can.

SIGMA dp Quattro – Launching date and price: TBD

Pphoto Dp2 Quattro 02

Special Features

With every element optimized for image quality, this camera is ready to produce works of art
Thanks to its optimised design featuring a fixed focal length lens and integrated body, the dp series offers both sensor and lens performance at the highest level. The result is full-bodied image quality.
The camera body offers a balanced shape, layout and weight distribution. Its complete and robust specification allows the photographer to concentrate fully on photography itself and leverage the camera’s potential to produce outstanding images.

In everyday life, the dp series lets photographers find unexpected opportunities for experiencing emotion and enjoy photography and personal expression in exciting new ways. It is an outwardly simple yet extremely powerful embodiment of Sigma’s philosophy of photography.

Wide-angle, standard, and medium telephoto options

All of the fundamental photographic approaches in one lineup of three cameras
The dp series comprises three fixed focal length cameras, each of which features a different basic focal length for a different fundamental photographic approach: the wide-angle dp1 Quattro at 19mm, the standard dp2 Quattro at 30mm, and the medium telephoto dp3 Quattro at 50mm (respectively equivalent to 28mm, 45mm, and 75mm on a 35mm camera). Moreover, the three models share an exciting new camera body that brings out the best performance from the lens and image sensor.

It’s a simple but powerful lineup that delivers medium format-level image quality anywhere, anytime. Take all three with you and select as needed for the perfect shot. Only the dp series puts so much luxurious photographic potential in your hands.

Pphoto Dp2 Quattro 08

The world’s only image capture system to use vertical color separation technology

Starting with our very first digital camera, we have featured the Foveon direct image sensor, which offers radically better image quality than any other sensor available. Leveraging the light absorption characteristics of silicon, the sensor comprises three layers of photodiodes, each at a different depth within the silicon and each corresponding to a different RGB colour. Since it is the only sensor to use this superior vertical colour separation technology, it is also the world’s only direct image sensor.

Almost all other image sensors are mosaic sensors, which use an array of RGB colour filters in a single horizontal plane to capture colour information. Each pixel is assigned only one of the three colours so cannot capture all three colours at once. In contrast, the Foveon direct image sensor captures colour vertically, recording hue, value, and chroma accurately and completely for each pixel.

In the Foveon direct image sensor, there are no colour filters, which cause a loss of information transmitted by light. Moreover, there is no low-pass filter needed to correct the interference caused by a colour filter array. Finally, unlike the data from other sensors, which requires artificial interpolation to “fill in” missing colours, the data from the Foveon direct image sensor is complete for every single pixel and requires no interpolation. The unique technological principle of this sensor produces consistently outstanding image quality.

Pphoto Dp2 Quattro 06

Newly developed Foveon X3 Quattro direct image sensor – Now featuring 39 megapixel-equivalent ultra-high resolution

Capturing the information transmitted by light vertically instead of horizontally, the full-colour image capture system of the Foveon direct image sensor is the only one of its kind in the world. This system makes possible the sensor’s full-bodied image quality, which is characterized by rich tone and gradation and texture that one can almost touch.

The newly developed Foveon X3 Quattro is the latest generation of this unique sensor. While retaining the distinctive characteristics of its predecessors, it offers an even higher level of image quality. In addition to 30% higher resolution, the volume of image data has become lighter, and it enables much faster image processing and lower current consumption.

Maintaining the same exacting standard of image quality while increasing megapixels and enhancing noise characteristics, this 1:1:4 solution was the inspiration for the name of the current generation of Foveon sensor: “Quattro.”

Newly developed TRUE III image processing engine – Optimised for processing Foveon X3 Quattro direct image sensor data

Quattro Solution Image

The new dp series cameras feature the newly developed TRUE (Three-layer Responsive Ultimate Engine) III. This image processing engine has evolved in pace with our Foveon direct image sensor and incorporates all of the image processing expertise we have developed over the years. Thanks to new refinements, it is the ideal engine for processing the rich and complex image data produced by the new-generation Foveon X3 Quattro direct image sensor. Our proprietary algorithm makes possible ultrafast processing of an immense volume of image data without any deterioration of the final images. The result is high-definition, 3D-like photographs with outstandingly rich colour detail.